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Welcome to Bob's Cycle Barn and Old Bike Museum

The great Rollie Free is featured above. He set the land speed record (150.313 mph) at Bonneville in 1948 in his shower cap, speedo trunks and old style flip-flops on a specially-modified Vincent. This picture has been described as the world's most famous motorcycling picture, but many would argue that the picture of Steve McQueen (actually Bud Ekins) jumping the barbwire fence in The Great Escape is more famous. Either way, if you are a motorcylist, both pictures are the stuff legends are made of. You can catch more of my pictures and the histories behind them on our Legends of Motorcycling Page --some old, some new, some local and some far, far away.

At present, our site is under construction, so please bear (or is it bare) with us. Give us a call, and if I'm not doing burn-outs on a customer's bike or something fun like that, I'll help you in any way I can.

Bob White
11777 Roxbury Rd
Charles City County, VA 23030
Look for the "cruiser bike" with the mailbox on top out front  (follow signs to shop)
(this is Bob's direct number. Put it in your cell phone)

All-year Hours: Tuesday -Friday, 9 am till 6pm, call if you are coming after 5 pm (in case we are out riding -- errr, I mean testing our dirt bikes)
Summer: Sat 9am-12pm or so
1/2 hour from downtown Richmond
15 minutes from Hopewell
1/2 hour from Williamsburg

Contact Information
Office 8O4-FOUR -THREE-TWO-7556
Cell 8O4-FIVE-THREE-TWO-7534

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